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We manufacture and supply the pure and  organic vermi compost.

Hands in the Soil
Plants in Trays
Tomatoes in Greenhouse
Organic Vegetables

Behind the Business

Our aim is to create healthy society and healthy soil by providing pure and organic fertilizer. We purchase agricultural waste from farmer which is not required for them. By that they can also earn some extra money. 


Paramshru Vermi Compost

2.5 kg and 50 kg bags available.

Organic Fresh
New Growth
Trowel and Soil

Pure and Organic

It has prepared from agricultural waste. No chemicals added.

Increase seed germination

Increased germination rate of seeds and their sustained growth.

Improves soil aeration

As the worms move inside the soil, it loosen the soil and increases soil aeration. This provides sufficient space for the plant roots to develop.

Increases the fertility

Increases the fertility and water-resistance of the soil.

Nurtures soil with plant growth hormones such as auxins, gibberellic acid, etc.

Some other Uses

Develops the roots of the plants.
Improves the physical structure of the soil.

Spring Onions
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The nutrients profile

1.6 percent of Nitrogen.
I0.7 percent of Phosphorus.
0.8 percent of Potassium.
0.5 percent of Calcium.
0.2 percent of Magnesium.
175 ppm of Iron.
96.5 ppm of Manganese.
24.5 ppm of Zinc.

Wheat Crop

Materials used

Cow dung.
Agriculture waste.


How to use

Dig the soil around the plant and put small amount of compost. Then cover the compost by soil. Maintain moisture in soil.

Contact Info

+91 9972849144

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